is about writing Better Model View Controller code.

What is Model View Controller?  Our friends at Wikipedia can help with that.

Why write it better?  I’ve seen so much code that is overly complicated that it becomes a nightmare to debug, add features to, or generally maintain.  Then there’s code that has no concept of what MVC is and is an entirely different mess.  I’m advocating a specific set of concepts that will help you write code that is easy to understand, easy to extend, and any programmer can pick it up once they understand the fundamentals.

I’m also going to be adding code examples for things that I think make life as a software engineer easier, faster, less buggy, and more enjoyable.  There are things I use on a daily basis in my work that I couldn’t image living without and I’d like to explain how and why I use them and maybe make other people’s work a little happier.

Oh, and one more thing I’ll be adding into here: systems administration tips.  Whether it’s the advantages of using dedicated text indexing software, virtual machine servers or mysql replication, I have a few things on my mind from time to time that I’d like to share.

On this site there are various blog articles that will detail different attributes of what I consider “Better” MVC code.

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