When programming, use the right tools for the job. Use tools you’re not only comfortable with but also help you get work done in a more efficient way.

I highly recommend a solid code-writing program. Whether it’s TextWrangler, BBEdit, Notepad++, Coda, Eclipse or something else, find a tool you like and use it. It should support the ability to use your cursor to select chunks of code, syntax highlighting, be able to properly handle tabs and not make them into spaces, the ability to SSH onto remote servers and work directly with code stored there and have multiple windows or tabs open at once. Features beyond that are entirely up to your personal taste.

You should have some kind of SSH command-line tool. Mac OS comes with Terminal but I prefer iTerm myself. All flavors of linux have a terminal built in as the very core. Windows? Not sure, I don’t do any programming there.

A FTP / SFTP browser is helpful but not all that necessary for most plain-jane programming work.

Why use these good tools? Does a carpenter use a pipe wrench to put in nails? No, duh. By the same token, would he use a hammer made from wood? No. Modern tools help us be more efficient and focus more time on what we’re trying to work on rather than the how of how we’re going to work on it.

August 12th, 2013

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