When naming files or variables, use underscores or at least alternating cases as appropriate.  Do not just omit all spaces and capitalization, it makes it terrible to work on later.  Also, remember that computers have lots of memory these days and using an extra couple characters in variable name can make life so much easier down the road.

Examples filenames:

adcostperrecruiter.php vs ad_cost_per_recruiter.php
clientcontacthitlist.lasso vs client_contact_hitlist.lasso
clientjqrefquestionsnext.lasso vs client_jq_refQuestions_next.lasso

Example variables:

$cltid; // I think this means “client id”
$coname; // I think this means “company name”
$cname; // I think this means “contact name”

Just think about it this way – if you come back to your own code 6 months later, will you be able to read what you wrote?

August 12th, 2013

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