Spelling matters.  Yes, spell-check is awesome, and really fixes things, but if you write the wrong word, it doesn’t matter because spell-check won’t find it.

“I’m resting the value” vs “I’m resetting the value”.

The first version of the sentence doesn’t make sense and makes my head hurt.  The second version of the sentence makes perfect sense.

It’s these kinds of things that can make you look like a fool when in fact you’re just lazy.  Neither of which is good, of course, but one is certainly better than the other.  Worse though is if you continue to make these kinds of mistakes along with other communication foibles that make it look like you either don’t care or simply don’t know how to effectively communicate.

In the age of twitter and facebook where grammar is something of an afterthought it’s more important than ever to write your business communications clearly.  Poor writing equates to a poor quality programmer.

April 19th, 2013

Posted In: HR

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